15 Interesting Facts about Washington Dulles International Airport

1. Location: Dulles International Airport is located at Dulles, Virginia that is 26 km west of the nation’s Capital city Washington.

2. Airport Code: The official airport designator of Dulles International is IAD.

3. Naming: The airport got its name from John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State under President Eisenhower.

4. Statistics: Washington Dulles Airport is the main airport DC Metropolitan Area and is one of America’s busiest airports with more than 23 million passengers traveling each year. In an average day, over 60,000 passengers leave Washington DC to about 125 countries all over the globe.

5. Runways: Dulles has 4 runways, while 5th one is planned for construction.

6. History: The construction process of this airport began in 1958. The main terminal was finally constructed in 1962 within 4 years of time span, the entire expenditure for construction of the unique Main Terminal cost $108.3 million.

7. Expansion: While more recently in 2011, a major expansion of International arrivals building was completed, it is one of the latest developments of the Dulles International Airport.

8. Design: The main terminal was planned and designed in 1958 by illustrious Finnish-American architect, Eero Saarinen and it is well-liked for its beautiful architecture and is among the landmarks of the Washington DC. Saarinen also designed hugely popular Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri as well as the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana.

9. Flights: Dulles has an average of 1,000 to 1,200 flight operations every single day.

10. America’s Busiest: Dulles ranks 9th among the busiest airports in USA, as of 2010.

11. Main International Route: The busiest International route to Dulles International is to and from London’s Heathrow airport where about 990,010 passengers travel each year between the two Capital cities of their respective countries.

12. Main National Route: While Los Angeles is the busiest route of passengers as 648,000 passengers travel across the airports every year.

13. Largest Carrier: United Airlines carries the most number of passengers i.e. 8,939,961 every year.

14. Record Passengers: In 2007, 24,737,528 passengers travelled from Dulles International which is the highest number of passengers ever in the airports’ history.

15. Trivia: The action-packed movie Die Hard 2 is set mainly at Dulles.

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