A Celebration for the Love of Food

If you are a food lover then you have to visit the capital during the month of October between the dates 12th and 13th when the annual Taste of DC event takes place. This is a two day event that you, your friends and family all can enjoy together. As the Taste of DC event has over sixty restaurants in participation it is a good idea to hire the services of a DC limo that will allow you to conveniently travel to all the many restaurants.

This cultural culinary event takes place in the heart of the capital at Pennsylvania Avenue. It is packed into the five blocks of fun-filled restaurants. You along with those that accompany you will be able to enjoy the experience of live entertainment, have the opportunity to engage with the corporate partners who will travel in DC limos and even celebrate food with the many Washingtonians.

This is an event that is based on the passion for food not just food alone. It is not about food but about the love and consideration put into creating a meal. This event is not simply concerned with eating but about the idea of how food brings people together as friends, families and communities. This event is an attempt to reminisce about all the happy memories one has with foods as the clink of glasses during a celebratory meal or helping one’s mother in creating one’s favorite home cooked dish.

Along with food this event has entertainment for everyone. One should hire DC limo services especially if they are unfamiliar with the territory as there will be a 11th Street Music Stage and a Beer Garden Music Stage at 12th South. One will require DC transportation services as it will allow them convenience in reaching at every location.

Celebrate foods by eating with others and enjoy the celebrations for the appreciation of the cuisines of the world.

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Opera Ultra Lounge – The Place to Visit!

If you are ever in the capital and decide to have night out on the town then it is a good idea to hire a DC limo. There are countless places you can visit among them is the Opera Ultra lounge. This is one of the most exclusive evening entertainment spots you will find and you can easily travel to this venue for evening entertainment in a DC limo.
Opera Ultra lounge is a breakthrough entertainment establishment that offers a variety of enjoyable experiences. They have the best and latest technologies used to provide cutting edge state-of-the-art designed services to offer a one of a kind unique experience. The Ultra Opera Lounge is the next level in the evening entertainment lounging experience. It provides excellence with the utmost sophistication.

The concepts of the Opera Ultra Lounge is to provide an evolutionary experience in Night life by offering a variety of forms of entertainment that includes everything from DJ’s to even performances by the best Jazz Bands and even various acoustic performances by musical artists. This is a venue located at the heart of The Capital so one can also enjoy the ambiance as well.

The atmosphere is created by the designs and furnishing which are top of the line custom creations developed using the best quality materials in the most retro designs. The Opera Ultra Night Club has the most innovative light and sound effects technology which gives a rise to person while defying their senses.

Whenever one decides a night out to enjoy it is advisable to have a safe and secure mode of transportation that will prevent any issues as infraction of legalities like driving under the influence or even making sure one reaches their home safely. That is why one should a hire a DC limousine from American Transportation.

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Cadillac Escalade – The VIP airport limousine

You would have traveled in many so-called luxurious vehicles but it is an out of the world experience when you actually get to travel in the world’s most VIP vehicles. Vehicles that are meant to give you a VIP traveling experience are limousines. Everyone knows this! Now any ordinary person can have the VIP traveling experience with Washington DC transportation. Have you ever traveled in a Cadillac Escalade limousine? If no, you must check this exotic vehicle. It is one chic ride on the face of the earth. It is a complete display of style, class, wealth, fashion, luxury and comfort. The features of Cadillac Escalade limousine include:

• Comfortable seating for 10-12 passengers
• Complete safety with 20 seatbelts
• Rear captain’s chairs
• Fifth passenger door


• Flat screen TVs
• DVD players
• Fiber optic lighting with color shift
• ipod/iphone stereo dock


• Drinks and ice with ample cooler space
• Rear glass roof
• Mirror ceiling with fiber optic lighting
• Lighted dance floor

Those who have not traveled in this exotic vehicle would have got a rough idea of how VIP vehicle is Cadillac Escalade Limousine. The utmost luxurious trips can be planned with this DC limousine. The good news is that, this extreme luxury traveling experience is within your budget. You can easily hire this elegant DC limo for any event that you want and you can furthermore reduce the cost burden by dividing the total cost among your friends that you are traveling with. Nobody will hesitate paying a little amount for such a VIP traveling experience.

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DC Limousines – Serving People in Multiple Cities

Services offered by a company have to be perfect in every manner, in terms of quality and mostly importantly in terms of availability. We come across various services especially in transport industry who claim to be the best but they are limited to one area or city only. They are unable to expand their network due to unavailability of expenses or cannot generate revenue which would help them grow.

The expansion of a business is the sign of success and growth. And if the services of a transport company are expanded to other cities it eventually defines the popularity and reliability of such company. Similar is the case with American Transportation, which is known to serve the largest number of people residing in Washington DC and outside. Their vehicles have been providing flawless services to the people of Washington DC. These vehicles include limousines, vans and airport taxis.

People can now travel easily without paying a heavy amount and they do not even have to locate DC limousines services as they have ensured services in different cities, from Alexandria to Fairfax and from Luray to Rosslyn. People can enjoy trips to the city they reside in and outside without booking another car or taxi. Even if you land at the airport, DC limousines will be there to take you to your destination. For this you need to inform American Transportation beforehand and eventually you will be riding in a luxurious limousine driven by a well-suited and well-mannered chauffeur.

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DC Limousine – Go madly Colorful!

Can you imagine how our world would have been if there were no colors? Can you imagine yourself without Pink, girls? Can you go on without BLUE, boys? All the liveliness lies in colors. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Brown, Black and all there shades make up our world. Do you want to color yourself up without thinking about what others are going to think about you? Well friends, you have an event coming up, “The Color Run” on the 22nd of September, 2013 at the National Harbor where you can go colorful and I bet nobody will say anything because everyone there will be colorful too. This is an event less about speed and a lot about going crazily colorful with your friends and family. Its all about toeing the line with contestants who have different ages, speed and sizes.

Now, knowing that you and your family or friends will all be messed up in color would you like to travel in your own vehicle? You surely wouldn’t want to take that risk because you know what will happen to your seats and the floor. You wouldn’t want to spend extra amount on getting everything clean or most probably changed! Where you can’t take your vehicle, DC limousine is there for you. Car service Maryland can provide you with a stylish airport limo for the Color Run. It is not a problem if you are traveling with your friends or family because the DC airport transportation fleet can provide you vehicles according to the number of people traveling with you. If you are traveling with friends you can decrease the cost burden by distributing money among all the friends.

Hire DC limo and go colorful without being hesitant about anything. Its all about colors!

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