Food and Wine in DC

Limousines in DC are required by a variety of individuals for various purposes. Many dignitaries, politicians and business executives hire a Limo in DC for their routine travels. Other people require them for various events, occasions and even celebrations. The fact is that this form of travel assistance has become a custom now with shows style and comfort.

Among the many events or occasions that require DC limo services, the International Wine and Food Festival is on the top of the list and it takes place in the capital. This is a series of events in which various guests have the opportunity to indulge themselves to try the best quality foods and wines in the world.

Numerous wine makers of the region as well as from Australia provide their wines for sampling opportunities. These hosts will require DC transportation services in order to ensure they will reach on time to exhibit their wines and delicacies. The visiting hosts of the event are many but the famous ones are Peter Lehmann the wine maker from Australia and Achaval-Ferrer who present a master class in creating some of the worlds’ best culinary delights.

DC limo services are always required for many events that are held during this exhibition. Among such events to visit in a DC limo is the Wine Cooperative Tasting Room. In the evening, guests are provided knowledge about the varieties of wines and a Silent auction of the best wines also takes place.

At the regional wine and food festivities one has the opportunity to test various delicious foods from the world over. Master Chefs as Tod Grey of Enox and the local celebrity chef Xavier Deshayes travel in reliable DC car service to ensure their timely attendance.

The evening event is known as the Sommelier Showdown. It is an occasion in which guests get the opportunity to savor some of the best creations of the culinary arts in the world. This is a traditional cultural fair in which the American melting pot culture is celebrated and travelling in DC limousines is a part of this tradition.

Many other occasions as the two international tastings, the last sipper and the exclusive After Hours Wine Bar all require limo services in DC. So avail our services by visiting the website and selecting a limousine from our fleet.

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