Party at the Eighteenth Street Lounge

The creators of the Eighteenth Street Lounge had a unique perspective in mind when creating this evening extravaganza lounge. Most night clubs only concentrated on partying but the Eighteenth Street Lounge is designed for a more intimate environment better suited for socializing as well. This is among the premium locations where one should go in a Washington DC limo.

The Eighteenth Street Lounge caters to every extravagant need as it has a main room, a deck bar, a studio bar, jazz bar and the premium gold room. Most attendees that socialize at this evening extravaganza travel to this lounge in a DC limo. Live bands play here from Tuesday till Saturdays and the bar provides musical entertainment as jazz, reggae, funk and various remixes of Latin music.

If you plan on making a reservation at the Eighteenth Street Lounge than keep in mind that you will have to have party of no less than four individuals and the minimum expenditure will be $300 to $600. However, there is no minimum expenditure for reservation prior to 9 pm.

All the various rooms like the jazz bar, the studio bar and Golden room cater at least 40 to 60 individuals. They can be used for private parties. One should travel to such private parties in a DC limo.

When you visit the Eighteenth Street Lounge you have to make sure that you are in high self esteem. You have to be ready to let go and enjoy. A way in which one can initiate such evenings is by taking the services of American Transportation that will allow you to celebrate the night away.

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